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The Therapeutic Promise of the Apelinergic System

Our mission at APIE-Therapeutics is to develop and commercialize novel Apelin Receptor biased agonist drug therapies, activating the Apelinergic System signaling path in the endothelial organ, to bring improved health outcome to patients across the world in various therapeutics areas.

APIE Therapeutics is focused on the promising therapy targets of the Apelinergic System. The Apelin/APJ receptor is widely expressed in the endothelial of various organs and central to the pathophysiology of fibrosis, an underlying hallmark of many serious diseases.  


Drugs targeting the apelin receptor have been proposed for the treatment of  Pulmonary, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases. Our team has partnered with top Apelin/APJ receptor and biased agonist researchers, medical professionals in the therapeutic area of interest and biopharma experts with extensive experience in clinical development thru commercialization to develop novel and best in class drug therapies.


"Our passion is to improve Patient's Quality of Life!"


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