Marielis Padilla

Director of Business Administration and Operations

Marielis Padilla holds a Bachelor Degree (B.S.) in Business Administration with concentration in Organizational Management from the University of Ashford, certification from Moderation Gateway, Customer Service (RHA), a diploma in Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management and Digital Media Marketing from Shaw Academy.


She started her professional career as a singer and band manager, touring the globe with her band.  Moving from the world of night jobs to day jobs, Marielis  held a Patient Services Coordinator position at Biogen Idec, in North Carolina, where she had the opportunity to serve and interact with actual patients of disabling diseases and health care providers via virtual communication enterprises and systems that included high degree of documentation and visibility.


In 2010 she joined the Community & Safety team at Mind Candy, Inc., where she has held positions of increasing responsibility. Upon joining Mind Candy, Inc., she worked on the popular children's game, Moshi Monsters focusing on monitoring. Two years later, Marielis took on the role of Community Manager for the Spanish Moshi Monsters site. Then, Head of Global Customer Service at Mind Candy, leading the Customer Service and Payment systems teams on all products. Lastly, the Head of Community at Mind Candy, where she ran all Community operations and oversaw all Community departments: Customer Service, Social Media, Content, Moderation & Safety.


As a mother of a 12 year old (who is an active user of children internet and App programs) and a 1 year old, Marielis has a passion and commitment to family safety at her professional and personal level. However, she resigned as the Head of Community for the popular family digital entertainment company, Mind Candy a worldwide enterprise with over 30 million customers and users, to become a Director, Business Administration at Catalyst EA and on her own business at MPBG.


She is currently serving as the Director of Business Operations at APIE-T™.

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