Scott Runyon, Ph.D. 

Director, Organic & Medicinal Chemistry  

Dr. Scott Runyon joins APIE Therapeutics as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.   Dr. Scott Runyon  is currently the Director, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) conducting synthetic medicinal chemistry research. Currently, his lab is developing small-molecule agonists for neuropeptide S and the APJ GPCR’s.  Since joining RTI in 2001, Dr. Runyon has focused on developing novel therapeutics, including small-molecule kappa opioid antagonists; Dopamine transporter inhibitors; GABA allosteric modulators (neuroactive steroid scaffold); Non-hormonal male contraceptives (indenopyridine scaffold); Haptens and protein conjugates for nicotine and opiate vaccines; Orexin antagonists; Neurotensin modulators; Apelin and neuropeptide S peptide structure activity relationships; Small-molecule neuropeptide S agonists and antagonists; Small-molecule APJ/apelin agonists.  Dr. Runyon has extensive medicinal chemistry and drug development experience and has worked on teams, including, JDTic, a compound used to map the kappa opioid receptor. This project has progressed compounds to IND-ready and phase 1 clinical trials. 


 He holds a PhD, Medicinal Chemistry, Medical College of Virginia. and a BS, Chemistry, Muhlenberg College. 

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